Yoga Poses for Arthritis Relief

Arthritis is a condition causing joint disease or joint pain, leading to inflammation, stiffness, and loss of mobility in the joints. It generates swelling, pain, and stiffness in the joints. This decreases the range of motion in the body, and can seriously limit the daily activities. To ease the symptoms of arthritis, yoga can definitely contribute. Regular yoga practice can help with many of the symptoms of arthritis, such as improve the joint mobility, reduce pain, and help with managing stress and anxiety. But as with any new practice. The key in yoga poses for arthritis is to bring more fluidity and flexibility into the joints, to stretch and relieve the joints, and to strengthen the muscles around the joints to give more overall stability. Slow and controlled movements are the way to go, and try to keep on moving the body to avoid further. This can be enhanced through Dhanurasana and Trikonasana.

Dhanurasana also known as Bow pose adds flexibility to the back and relieves the body off stress and fatigue towards the legs. when doing Bow pose start to bend your knees on your back and your feet parallel onto the ground. Gently graze your heels with the middle finger, this is to make sure your knees are put together over your ankles. Force your tailbone to your pubis while lifting hips to the sky,leave your palms on the floor. Try to firm your shoulder blades by lifting away your chin a little bit and with a lot of energy involve your thighs while Looking up, instead of involving your glutes enable your legs and core to pose as this will help to rejuvenate tired legs.

Dhanurasana comes from two words: Dhanu means ‘bow’. Asana means ‘pose’

Trikonasana also known as the Triangle Pose it makes the ankles, legs and knees to be more stronger, it also tends to lengthen and open the hamstrings, groin and hips. When doing Trikonasana first stand straight, open your feet wide apart and to your right foot turn ninety degrees out and to your left feet turn in by fifteen degrees. At this point align your right heel center with the center of left arch foot this is to make sure that your feet are touching the ground and your body weight is balanced equally on both feet. Start to inhale deeply and again as you exhale try to bend your body to the right away from your hips downwards keep in mind the waist must be straight, then enable your left hand to go up in the air and the left hand goes down in the floor. Ensure that both arms are in a straight line. Again rest on your ankle outside your right foot, In line with the tops of your shoulders lengthen your left arm up towards the air. Again ensure your head is kept in a good position, eyes gently looking at the left palm while ensuring the body is bent sideways. While the chest and pelvis widely open tend to stretch still taking deep breaths. Remember to come up again, let your arms down to your sides, and finally straighten your feet as you breath in. On the other side repeat again. Hence the legs, ankles and knees will strengthen thus arthritis relief.

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