Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat can be a serious concern for both male and female. Apart from the fact that it makes you feel uncomfortable and less confident about your body, it can also act as a serious threat to your health.

Belly fat is the type of fat called visceral fat as it exists in the abdominal region. Belly fat is necessary for us as humans and everyone has belly fat, just in varying degrees. Belly fat is not an issue when it is in small amounts, it only becomes an issue and puts you at risk of blood pressure, heart disease, dementia, diabetes and other ailments when it is too much.

so many people are burdened with the question of how to get rid of belly fat and it has become a money making venture for so many others, as most people want a quick fix approach but every good thing comes at a price.

Interestingly, so many persons have come up with products on how to lose belly fat, some of these products are harmful to health and others work reasonably. However, exercise is a major way to get rid of belly fat without being scared of negative effects.

It has increasingly become difficult for most persons to really exercise, especially with the hustle and bustle of this this time and age but exercise is one of the proven ways to get rid of belly fat.

The best exercises to get rid of belly fat are those types of exercises that keeps you panting as these exercises helps you burn up belly fat and vaporize calories. These types of exercises are : Running, walking, cycling, swimming, jogging and aerobics.


Running is a great exercise for burning belly fat, it can be done anywhere, all you need is determination. The good part of it is that you won’t have to spend money on this exercise but it helps you burn alot of fat. You can choose to run at a slow pace (jogging) or at a fast pace, running some miles a day would help burn belly fat.


Walking is another great way to burn belly fat, you can decide to walk a long distance or a short distance daily. As simple as it looks it does great wonders for your body, when it comes to burning belly fat but you have to be consistent to see results.


Cycling involves the use of a bicycle or a motorcycle, this is an exercise that you can enjoy yourself in and at the same time burn belly fat with.

Swimming and Aerobics

Swimming and Aerobics are other great ways to burn belly fat, they help to keep your heart rate up and belly fat yields to them with time. However, no matter the exercise you engage in, if you are lacking in determination and persistence, there would be no results. You need to be determined despite your busy schedule to exercise and you also need to be persistent enough to continue even when it looks as if nothing is happening, as nothing good comes easy.

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