Natural ways of overcoming Erectile Dysfunction

Can you play football perfectly as you did in your 20s? Can you run as you did in your teenage age? Probably the answer is not. As we grow, there are many ways of staying and enjoying in the game. This is true in both sex and sports. Many would like to know the answers on what is causing erectile dysfunction in their lives. Erectile dysfunction can be triggered by various reasons such as smoking, some medications, alcohol and drugs. There are treatment methods for erectile dysfunctions and may include medications and surgery. Apart from the two methods of treatments, there are non-invasive or natural methods that may be seen as a cure to erectile dysfunctions; the following are the known natural cure mechanisms for erectile dysfunction.

1. Consider walking a distance of two miles per day
The research shows that walking a distance of two miles in each single day reduces the risk of suffering erectile dysfunction by 40%. Moderate exercise help restore the sexual drive with the obese middle aged men.

2. Balanced diets
Eating a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, fish and whole grains will in turn reduce the chances of erectile dysfunction. Deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body can lead to erectile dysfunction. Consider to eat a lot of aphrodisiac foods such as bananas, tomatoes, oysters, avocados and watermelons. Research shows that watermelon is a rich source of amino acid which is found to improve the blood circulation to the penis. Drink about eight glasses of water in a day to maintain a cool temperature for abundant semen production. Natural water melon juice would also aid on the erectile stimulation instead of taking artificial pills such as Viagra that may cause nausea and diarrhea.

3. Your body size matters a lot therefore get slim and stay slim
Men who have a waist of above 42 inches are likely to have erectile dysfunction compared to those with waist inch of 32 and below. Again, obesity accelerates the risks of erectile dysfunction resulting from vascular diseases and diabetes which are the major causes of erectile dysfunction. Excess fats in the body leads to interference of hormones in the body and may result on the problem as well.

4. Take Some ‘Herbal Viagra’
Ginseng is a plant known to be herbal ’Viagra.’’ The reviews from different researchers have found that the plant dosage of between 500 to 1000 mg three times in a day would in turn be an effective way in prevention and cure of erectile dysfunctions thus boosting the sex drive of men.
Erectile dysfunction can also result from psychological factors such as anxiety, bereavement and divorce. Generally, boredom, incompatibility, low self-esteem and depression make the sex to become less alluring. Sex drive among the men can be achieved through regular exercise to improve on the stamina, skills to cope with work and financial stress should be mobilized through sensible counseling to the affected individuals. The women should participate in pelvic floor exercises to create awareness to the muscles responsible for sexual pleasure thus boosting the libido. Therefore you should consider choosing the natural cure mechanisms for ED rather than the artificially made Viagra which are associated with various side effects to your body.

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