Foods to Eat that Increases Sperm Count

Increased sperm count is vital in all parts of life; it radiates solid sexual nearness for a man and is likewise exceptionally helpful when you and your wife are attempting to get pregnant. There are many foods which increase sperm count in men. Top 10 foods for this intention are given in the accompanying content. 1. Shellfish: Oysters are accepted to contain amino acids which improve the creation of testosterone and henceforth bring about expanding ….Read More …..

Natural ways of overcoming Erectile Dysfunction

Can you play football perfectly as you did in your 20s? Can you run as you did in your teenage age? Probably the answer is not. As we grow, there are many ways of staying and enjoying in the game. This is true in both sex and sports. Many would like to know the answers on what is causing erectile dysfunction in their lives. Erectile dysfunction can be triggered by various reasons such as smoking, ….Read More …..